Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Most of my friends know that I have a morbid fascination, almost a desire for the apocolypse to come...and really, recently, I've renamed it to the "downfall".

I have, as crazy as this sounds, an unyielding belief that in my lifetime, society will collapse to a point where we will all be growing our own food and surviving much the same way our ancestors did eons ago.

Once, as a joke during my first Thanksgiving with this great community of friends that are our (mine and my husband's) chosen family, I made comment that if the apocolypse came, I was going to Matt Hanner's house. In the last three and half years, this idea has grown and morphed into a psuedo plan of action for when the downfall comes.

How will we keep the motorcylces running?
How will we eat?
What will we eat?
Who will come with us?
Where will we meet to go to the place I now reference in my head as Hannerville?

Most of my friends think I'm nuts to be so concerned about the downfall..they're nice and humor me...I laugh at myself knowing that the possibility of downfall is truly slim...but on another level, I year for simplicity. I have designed a life that is complicated and overwhelmingly busy...
(And yes, I know, living without Emergency Rooms and indoor plumbing will actually be BRUTAL, I can romantize it! I'm allowed....) ;-)

So my musings about Hannerville, really are in some ways wishful thinking.

I have decided to create a virtual Hannerville, and like with the crane story, have started developing ideas for either another blog, or a book or who knows what.....perhaps just a really nice short story.

My husband asked me the other day, why Hannerville and not Hammond town..to which I could only answer, "because it has to be".....


  1. Here's the answers to some of your questions.
    1. We'll either refine our own oil or convert the bikes to diesel. I'm sure between Timmy and I we can solve this one. Don't forget we'll be able to find books from libraries and bookstores along the way.
    2. I don't see a problem with how we'll eat. After all we're descended from hunter gatherers and if we can survive on Ramen so that we have beer money in college we can survive when we can take or gather whatever we want.
    3. We will eat fish, game, crops if we can establish a homestead for long enough, and of course those that were to weak to keep up :)
    4. It's an invitation only event. Those who are already in should know. Others will be evaluated by the tribe on a case by case basis. Some may become members of the tribe, some may be kept along as entertainment and future food.
    5. I'm thinking we'll meet up somewhere between the here and L.A. Once we meet we'll have to get moving so that we can get away from what caused the collapse as well as any anarchist groups or raiders that spring up.

    I'm sure we can solve indoor plumbing once we set up a homestead. It's as simple as a water tank with a gravity feed to set up pressure and a septic system (with grey water recovery).

    The loss of emergency rooms will be difficult but not insurmountable. Again we can gather books, instruments, tools, etc. I've got a biology background, and so does your husband. Besides super glue does an amazing job at gluing up wounds when neccesary.

  2. I almost forgot...the biggest challenge is going squeezing enough peanuts to get the oil needed to fry our turkeys for our National Thanksgiving Holiday. That's the one holiday we'll always keep! (Yes, I know we'll have to have some folks squeezing veggies so Ricardo can have turkey too)

  3. Dear god, matt has put time and effort into this...I'm a little frightened, yet reassured at the same time...

  4. all I have to say is, I am more and more confident in the survival of us all....