Thursday, March 26, 2009

My first blog

So, today I write my first blog....I am unsure why I chose to do this. I am not a writer per se, but well, figuring that decreasing my anonymity starts with being open to all things that will help me do that. Here I am....

So, let's get started...I'm sure as the next few days, weeks and months pass, there will be subjects and ideas I feel the need to write about. For now, let me just say, my life is filled with blessings..friends and family who can't be beat when it comes to being supportive. A husband who is dynamically in love with me.

I am completely grateful for the self-awareness that I believe I possess. It has helped me to listen when I cannot really hear what people are saying...what does that mean?

Well, when Sid and I fight (and oh, do we fight!), it tends to take days (sometimes weeks, and on a couple of occasions months) for me to translate what he means when he says things.

My current intellectual and spiritual pursuit is that of understanding happiness...and the nature of desire.

Pretty heady, huh?

Not really, it came out of one phrase in one fight a couple of months ago. Sid says to me "if you can't be happy with what we have, how will you ever be happy?"

In my life happiness has always been about accomplishing my goals, and being financially stable, blah blah blah .... contentment, success and happy were always interchangeable in my thought process. Over the past several months, with some reading, guidance from the teachings of Byron Katie and Dr. Wayne Dyer..and a lott of introspection (aka POINTING THE FINGER AT MYSELF)...I've begun to succesfully separate my definitions of those words...

It is possible to be happy without being content with life.
It is possible to be happy without a dream being fully realized.

There are so many cliches and witty sayings about the nature of grace and gratitude...if we really listen to them and take in their begins to open up into an astoundingly fascintating journey...awareness of the journey makes it so much more meaningful.

I challenge you all to take a look at the things that bother you and the people you dislike and ask yourself...what does my reaction to these things say about me?

TTFN as my favorite Winnie the Pooh character so effortlessly says as he bounces away...


  1. These are exactly the same things I am learning through Nichiren Buddhism. Interesting how lives are paralleled.

  2. Yes, I SPEAK! -

    And, Ann, you're right. A lot of my "stuff" comes out of all the various study I've done. Buddhism, particularly the Tibetan strain of it, is near and dear to my heart and is one of my many touchstones...

  3. Go Flo! Congrats on your thoughtful 1st blog post and your quest for 'happy for no reason.'

    I think and are great radio background - the repetition (osmosis?) of progressive information retrains my brain whether I am paying attention or not.

    Don't worry, be happy - wasn't just a slogan it appears to be an essential truth - who knew?

  4. I'm glad you found something productive to do with your worktime, sister. Seriously!