Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom on Monday....

Wow. So I spent a lot of the weekend working on myapplication for the CPB/PBS Producers Academy scholarship. There are only 20 slots and my qualifications are different than those of regular applicants. But the Academy workshop is for people who want to contribute to PBS as part of their career goals. Since I'm quite passionate about that goal, I think I'll be okay.

My insight for today is about Moms...I've been thinking about mine a lot lately. I appreciate my mother more than a lot of people I know. I enjoy her company and love her brand of crazy above all others. She is pragmatic, funny, ornery and able to make me laugh just by the cadence of her voice.

There are things she doesn't know about my life, because I've chosen to keep those things from her (Sorry, mom, it's just the truth)...

My mother always let me be me. Never once in my life did I doubt her love for me, never once did I doubt that she would tell me how she felt about something...She and I, we don't always agree, but I do consider her one of my best and closest friends and allies against all the evil forces of the world.

My mother, unlike my pop, is not an enigma to me. I feel that I truly know her...she taught me the most important lesson that I have ever learned...that is how to learn.

When people call me resourceful and in some cases "know-it-all", the blame is all hers. From those very early days of my life, she always encouraged me to read beyond my grade and emotional ability to truly understand a book (the first time I read, DUNE, I was 11 years old--when i read it later in life, I realized I had not truly understood that first time around).

She read to me always and almost never answered a question about what a word meant directly. She is, by nature, a curious person who is always endeavoring to learn more about something she doesn't know. She is opinionated and stubborn, but always moves forward.

She is the queen of "get over it" and "put one foot in front of the other, 'cause it's the only thing you can do".

She's my greatest mentor and a pretty cool lady...

As I enter this next adventure of this journey I am on, I am glad that she's on my team and my side.

I am hoping to be able to launch a documentary series that will provide a look into NGOs, what they do and how they operate...why they exist and who are the people who volunteer to go into places in the world affected by hunger, disease, a lack of clean water and all the other plights that man has brought upon himself as a global community.

I am creating the series with an award winning writer, Nancy Noever, and we are both treading in territory that we know not so much about...I am confident that we will be successful, because we are both driven to the call and for myself, because my mother always says "Can't never did anything...." which meant then and means now, that I CAN do anything I set my mind to....

I'll keep you posted..

Here's my "Flo Speakman blog challenge of the day"...find something good to say to your Mom (or a favorite Aunt, or some other elder woman in your life). We are lucky to have the elder generation to rely on and learn from....

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