Thursday, October 25, 2012

Development, Desire and Diligence - looking into 2013

Oh, blogging...I left you behind in what feels like the distant's time to rejoin the blogosphere.

In a way, I am adding these last 2(ish) months of 2012 to my 2013 Journey.  My Focus for the next 14 months can be summed up in 3 D words: 
Development, Desire, and Diligence. 

I dub 2013 my 3D Year!

Weight Loss 

I have decided to be totally transparent about it to the world - a terrifying concept.  On Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 - my fabulous OB/Gyn made it very clear that I should lose 60 pounds before getting pregnant again - She'll take 30, but 60 is the goal.  Understanding that I'm nearly 44 and seriously considering having a second child means I have to take my weight and health seriously.

The journey will be well documented on Facebook...and I will most likely Journal about my successes and failures here.  I am taking a great deal of strength from the fact that in the past 5 days, I have had two people indicate to me that they are using my posts as inspiration to start their own journey into health.  I love the idea of being inspirational to people and this kind of support means that not only is my success more likely, but I am more likely to succeed because people are looking to me as some kind of touchstone.

Jewish Conversion

The light at the end of the tunnel for this 5 year journey is shining brightly.  I'm hoping sometime in the first few months of the year that Audrey and I will dip in the Mikvah.  Striving for a Jewish home, it is my hope and desire that Sid (my husband) embrace these roots and walk this journey with us.  He is supportive and amazing.  He knows I will always ask and never nag, but that participating in Temple activities and Shabbat at home, that we will enrich our own lives.  A daily prayer.  If he never does, that's fine with me as I know he respects my journey into this faith that speaks to me so clearly.

Campfire Films

Wow.  What a great year for Campfire-2013 promises to be better.  This is a start up that I am working on with a friend and new producing partner.  She is an amazing woman.  We have a strong group of projects, in a niche that is under-served.  I look forward to continuing this journey and getting the company off the ground.  As always, it's about selling projects, raising money and creating a brand.  For me, this is combined with the journey back to seeking my bliss.  I miss producing terribly and am so confident that Campfire is the way home for me.


The conversation for Tiny Hammond #2 has begun, but will be on the back burner until weight loss is achieved.  In the meantime, our Tiny Human is thriving and flourishing.  She is a wonder to behold and at once is sweet and challenging.  She is kind and stubborn; beautiful and willful.  I would have her no other way.  Our progress as a family is also challenging and full of blessings.  Sid and I are very different people and very different parents.  My ever hope is that Audrey gets ALL the best of the both of us.  If she does, her future is bright and her success inevitable.

Today 10/25 begins 3D!

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